December 29, 2013

Become an Urban Dutch Oven Geek

dutch oven photo: Dutch Oven PiccDutchoven.jpg
For Christmas, I acquired a few more essential items to make cooking with a Dutch oven easier.  Now that I've got all the gear, I'm sharing what you need to indulge this quirky interest.
10 things you need for Dutch oven cooking in your backyard (or for camping):
  1. a Lodge Dutch Oven, preferably one with legs
  2. a Dutch oven lid and pot holder
  3. a Dutch Oven carrying case
  4. long tongs for moving the coals
  5. heat resistant gloves
  6. charcoal briquettes
  7. charcoal chimney (and newspaper)
  8. matches (long stem a plus)
  9. free baking temperature chart for coals (*laminate it for re-use)
  10. You also need good recipes
Just about anything you make in your stove can be made in a Dutch oven.  I've prepared a variety of foods including:  lasagna, stir-fry, corn bread, steal-cut-oats and cinnamon roles.   
Once, I used it for an elaborate recipe of chicken chili verde posole (See my link for directions).  I made that meal outdoors in our lot for our Christmas dinner.  

I can't take full credit for my interest in the cast-iron cooking vessel.  A few friends introduced me to it on a homeschooling campout.  After watching them and tasting what they made, I was hooked.  Now Patricia, from Wonderfarmanother buddy and I use our Dutch ovens to carry-on the tradition of cooking dinner for over sixty homeschoolers.  
The history of the Dutch oven is interesting and I've shared what I've learned about it with our daughter. 

The one thing I haven't tried is stacking Dutch ovens.  I envision inviting a few friends who have one over to attempt cooking with them vertically.  Now that would qualify us as the ultimate urban Dutch oven geeks.


Stefaneener said...

Oh my goodness. That would be so crazy-awesome.

Kristin said...

Okay Stefaneener, if you think so, join us then.